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Modern Technology
Technology today has made life longer and easier but also more dangerous. During the technological era, innumerable consequences have followed, some in an appearance as a catastrophe and some in form of an aid to our species. Modern technologies are machineries that facilitate, and improve our lives to a more luxurious state. For example, due to the improvement of the food industry, we now can store food 10 times longer than before “canning” the food. Also, microwaves can heat food whilst not directly applying fire to it, but applying an electromagnetic radiation of exactly the right wavelength to excite water molecules. Despite all these magnificent facts, modern technologies have also created problems because they can be dangerous and interruptive to our economic societies.

There are many reasons why technologies are dangerous, such as incidents where there are malfunctions in technology. As times passes, we tend to rely on technology too much. Technologies have revolutionized the transportation system. We have given a major thought about cars and have advanced them tremendously, but whist improving on some parts; they have become more and more dangerous. Cars nowadays involve extreme velocities and explosive substances in the core of the engine. Its casings are hard metals and the force it creates when it crashes is monstrous. They ban be a mobile death-trap. Also, over 75% of the people world-wide use public transport, so, for example, if there was a technical mistake in a train computer system then the train would probably malfunction and this could lead to a loss of hundreds and even thousands of lives.

Some people also say that the technology has a negative effect on society more than they have ever anticipated. Due to the immense development of technologies, they now do tasks that workers used to which has increased the unemployment rate tremendously. Technology now takes up more than 80% of the production industry work, leaving...

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