Due date:
Thursday Week 11 (2PM AEST)
Written Assessment
30% of total assessment.
Electronic (see course website for details)

It will be necessary to use literature/online resources to complete this assignment, please ensure you cite and reference any such materials using the Harvard format.
DO NOT copy content directly from either the text or Internet resources: this assignment is to be in your own words. You will lose marks if you do not use your own words!
Please complete your assignment using this submission template file, inserting your responses where indicated.
DO NOT delete the marking criteria page – changes are permitted to the formatting of other pages including the headers and footers.

Please fill in the following details:
Student Name

Student Number

Procedure to written assesement-

1 introduction
2 why i choose this resource/ article/journal
3 Author opinion
4 Our opinion or conclusion
5 end I found this blog very interesting


There are ten (10) tasks, one for each week: the tasks are detailed below. There is a table to complete for each task. Please fill in the information required. An example of a completed task is below. Note the first response (resource 1) is good – so aim for something like this. The second response (resource 2) is not acceptable, so if you submit anything like it, you won’t pass the assignment! The reasons? Poor resource selection (Wikipedia), no Harvard reference and a block cut and paste from the site (no citation, no original content).

Find two resources that explain aspects of IT Service Management.
Resource 1

(Good Response)
Title and Reference:

Research in Information Technology Service Management (ITSM): Theoretical Foundation and Research Topic Perspectives

Shahsavarani, N. and Ji, S. (2011). Research in Information Technology Service...

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