Technological Advances

Technological Advances

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Computer Technology and The Effect it has on the Nation
Sheray Patillo
University of Phoenix

Computer Technology and The Effect it has on the Nation

There are many different aspects of technology that affect the United States and its people. There are new changes and additions to technology that are introduced every day, some are receptive to the changes, and others may feel that the changes are too complicated. The technological development that has the largest affect on Americans would have to be computer technology.
Technology is defined as the sum of the ways in which social groups provide themselves with the material objects of their civilization (Rekha, 2003). Computer technology has been in use for some time now and new information and innovations are released everyday. Almost everything that is done in the United States is done using some type of computer system. Whether it is the cash register at a popular fast food restaurant or department store, the security system in the bank, the podiums used to cast votes on Election Day, or the system that professor use to check whether or not a college student has plagiarized a paper. Technology is everywhere. These things have an affect on Americans because, as the definition states they are the material objects of civilization, but are all of these new technological changes really necessary for improvement? Some people beg to differ and prefer things to remain as they were.
For example, the first consumer computer began around 1974 as a very simple machine that was available to a select few It has evolved greatly in the last thirty four years. As the computer has evolved, so has the internet. These are two major things that have almost made technology a lifestyle in the U.S. People who were born around the mid to late eighties (the time when the computer was really in the “lime light”) are said to be the most “computer savvy”, as they came into the world right as...

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