Technology Develops

Technology Develops

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TOPIC : “Technology can be big boon but it can be a great bane too”

Technology is developing day to day, every day new inventions or new techniques are invented. Especially in the field of electronics and computer related subject. Computer has improved the speed of our daily work in that major break through has come with the Internet and E-mails. We also benefit the technology growth of credit cards and online shopping etc….. Of course technology opens path for humanity like a swollen river carves out new path to the sea….. Where as on the other side……..

It can also be deadly, devastating and evil weapon in wrong hands….As technology grows so as the stealing and fraudulent tactics also grows. There are numerous frauds are going on through internet. These activities are done by a person or a group of persons called Cyber Criminals

Cyber-criminals solicit personal data via the Internet - like personal IDs, passwords, card numbers and PINs…. They also access a customer's accounts through online banking and set up false bill payments that send checks to the criminal or a conspirator. A copy of the customer's credit card or check card is then used with their PIN at ATMs around the world to withdraw cash from their checking account.

These cyber-criminals also created an imitation or copy of an existing legitimate Web page to trick users into providing sensitive personal information.

Large numbers of recipients are being "spammed," without actual knowledge of their banking affiliation. They request and collect email addresses and other confidential information like financial account numbers, IDs and passwords. The cyber-criminals have copied the logos and the content styles of widely known and respected financial institutions in an attempt to get a response from a recipient who may or may not be a customer of that financial institution.

To increase the number of responses, cyber-criminals include upsetting or exciting statements in their emails. They...

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