Technology essay

Technology essay

English 100

Professor Sacco

October 13, 2015

Technology Essay
The internet is like a technological drug. We have become addicted to and dependent on the internet for everything. Nicholas Carr in “Is google making us stupid?”, “The flight from conversation” by Sherry Turkle, and last Brian Friedman, “Blog; Computer in medicine, all explains our use of the internet and google. Because the internet is so informative, has changed our approach to the understanding of what being read, which causes us to become less concentrated, less thoughtful, and less focus on text. Technology may have its benefits, but it the bad effects consist.

The internet is like the ocean; it is flooded with information. Acting as a means to acquire information, google has given us countless outlets to different statistics, data, and knowledge. For example, students use google as a way to do research on assignments. During that research, they are overwhelmed with tons of information. Because we are exposed to so much information, we have become stagnant. We cannot think on our own, but rather on the information that google has given us. Nicholas Carr states, “And what the net seems to be doing is chipping away my capacity for concentration and contemplation. My mind now expects to take in information the way the net distributes it; in swiftly moving the stream of particles (93)”. As the example shows, the internet or google, in this case, alters our minds on how we approach the information the internet gives us.

Sherry Turkle shows that we have become too expectant on technology. Because technology is so useful, it allows us to be in contact with each other without actually being there. We have become less thoughtful of the importance of conversation, do not make relationships with each other much stronger to have a better understanding of ourselves. For instance, Phones gives us the idea that we’re never alone, there is always someone that is listening to us, and there...

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