Active Parenting of Teens, Homework #4
Due: Saturday, 3/30, 11:59 pm
Review pages 114-130, 133,
Complete Worksheet on Turning Discouragement into Encouragement (page 158)

1. What responsibility did you give your teen?
“I have a lot of backed up work that I need to finish, Can you clean up after dinner tonight, dishes, table and all ?

2. What did you ask your teen’s advice or opinion about?
I wanted to start using some weights when we go to the gym, do you think you can show me which ones I should do or at least how to without straining myself?

3. When did you avoid the temptation to rescue or take over for your teen?
AJ was mowing the lawn and couldn’t seem to get the mower to start. I know how he hates to have any help so I watched him from the window take a full 5 minutes to finally get it started, but I’m glad I let him figure it out on his own.

Valuing Your Teen As-Is
1. Name one way that you separated your teen’s worth from his accomplishments? “I knew you’d make it on the basketball team, but even if you didn’t I know that you always try your hardest and that’s what matters!”
2. Name one way that you separated your teen’s worth from his misbehavior.
I don’t like the fact that the teacher called me to tell me you were misbehaving, I know you’re not a bad kid but you made a bad decision
3. Name atleast one way that you appreciated your teen’s uniqueness.

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