The Applications and Advantages of Metal Crusher

The Applications and Advantages of Metal Crusher

Metal crusher can also be called scrap iron crusher, [url=]scrap metal crusher machine[/url]. Scrap metal crusher is widely used in the metal recycling field. This machine can crush various materials include Sprite can, Lulu can, Red Bull can and Coke can as well as paint can and machine oil can. The crushed materials are very easy to be carried and transported and convenient for batch charging and steelmaking, thus reducing the times of batch charging.

In the crushing process, the external forces exerted on the solid materials include four types: rolling, clipping, impacting and grinding. Rolling is mainly used in coarse and medium crushing for crushing hard and large-sized materials; clipping is mainly used in fine crushing for crushing ductile materials; impacting is mainly used in medium crushing, fine grinding and super fine grinding for crushing crisp materials and grinding is mainly used in fine grinding and super fine grinding for crushing small-sized and fine particles. In the practical crushing process, several external forces will be exerted at the same time.

The Applications of Metal Crusher

Scrap metal crusher can crush Lulu cans, Wang Laoji cans, Sprite cans, coke cans, beer cans, metal drums, engine oil drums, paint cans and other kinds of cans. Materials in the machine can be split into small particles with the help of outer forces according to the requirements of users. The crushed can particles cannot only reduce transportation costs, improve the efficiency of furnace iron, but also play an irreplaceable role for oxygen steel or can processing plants. The equipment has advantages of low noise, less pollution, simple operation and convenient maintenance. It is used for crushing fragile metal materials such as iron powder, alloy, silicon iron, caps, cans, circuit boards and waste mobile phone batteries.

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