The Baseball and School Centered Life

The Baseball and School Centered Life

I am a very diverse young man. I participate in various activities inside and outside of school, but my life is centered around baseball and school. I hold very high standards in both of those aspects of my life. Both of those things have taught me many lessons and I have grown because of them. Also, I have gained strength in certain areas such as peer to peer interactions, note taking, and listening skills. I will use these skills that I have learned over the years to be successful in English class so I can get the most of the class as possible.

One thing I have learned throughout the years through baseball and school is the increase in cooperatively with peer to peer interactions. During baseball, and especially at school, you're always around other people, so you end up making new friends and interacting with other people. I try not to get on the bad side with anyone so I work hard to interact with others in a nice and peaceful way.

The next thing that I have learned through baseball and school over the years is note taking. Note taking is so important in school, your grade practically reflects how much note taking and studying you do. For Example, I try to take as in depth notes as possible, thus, I have straight A's. The rest of your life depends basically on what you do during high school so I need to keep up what I'm doing to be successful in life.

The third and final thing that I have learned through these activities is increasing listening skills. Like note taking, your grade in school can depend on how much you listen and not goof around in class. Also, on the baseball field, in practice and during games, you need to listen because you are always learning new things and techniques. To be successful, you need to open up your eyes and listen.

I am planning on using these traits in class to better my knowledge of English and Literature so I can further my education in this class and beyond.

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