The Basis Od Buddhism

The Basis Od Buddhism

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Perry Wang

Siddhartha Gautama, otherwise known as Buddha, shaped the basis of Buddhism, and through him, the expanding religion has spread like a wildfire throughout the world. While most of the 500 million Buddhists live in Asia, adherents are found worldwide. Many Americans’ dissatisfaction with Christian ideals, the overall appealing philosophical nature of Buddhism, increases in immigration, and the multitude of different types of Buddhism all contribute to the spread and success of Buddhism in America. Another factor that adds to the triumph of Buddhists in America is that women are seen as equals in this tradition. Together, these factors indicate an inexorable religion, the religion of the future.
Christianity is not a modern religion, and its concepts are outdated. The way Christianity is expressed and communicated is timely and old fashioned, even if the message is timeless. The Catholic Church has already done a lot to modernize its religion. This is where Christians must use their wits and realize that the Holy Bible is not compatible with the modern world, resulting in loss of faith.
The more civilization progresses, the less civilized humans become.
In the most important of all areas - our belief in God’s word - Christianity asks us to abandon reason. Sinai was orchestrated by God to achieve a proof of God’s existence and His desired system for man. No other religion can make such a historically proven claim. God intended man to use his reason and arrive at the correct life. Christianity asks man to violate God’s intent and abandon reason, living by faith (Ben-Chaim).

In today’s society, this blind faith is impossible to ask for, and unreasonable being that the bible was written a very long time ago. However, Christianity has no science involved as well, which brings about another flaw. Science continues to shape civilization and Christian ideas are simply outdated. Without logic, God only leaves us with faith. Living in a...

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