Hr and Od

Hr and Od

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How to retain good staff
In today's competitive market, retention of staff in every organization has become a significant issue for all business. Retaining staff is regarded as one of the biggest challenges for the success of any business organization; no matter it is small, medium, or big corporation. Today, many of the business set-ups have realized the importance of staff retention, and as a result, majority of the companies have taken innovative steps to retain their key employees.

As mentioned previously, money or salary increment is not alone staple for retaining staff in organization. When any of the employees perform something unique, praise him with some kind of tangible items such as a watch or a fine dinner. If possible, admire him in front of his peers to let them know what unique he has done. This will boost the employee’s safety needs about him/herself. By doing so, the employee would know that he has done something good and is being recognized by the company thus assuring him/her on the safety on her job. This would also definitely boost his self-esteem with his achievement being mentioned in front of all his colleagues. Now he/she would be respected and looked upon by his peers and thus it’ll make the employee more confident. With such recognition, other employees and team in the organization would now be more willing and wanting to try out something new as they now know that the organization recognize their effort. By satisfying such self-actualization need, employees are now motivated to change by introducing changes and giving feedback to their managers. It is important that you give your employees a lot of freedom to express their ideas freely. Likewise, provide your employees with opportunities for personal and professional growth. Arranging innovative classes and conducting professional seminars would be helpful to promote the growth of employees.

By doing the above, HR & OD practitioners now are building a motivation for their...

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