The Beginning: USMC

The Beginning: USMC

´╗┐Michael P. Brown Brown 1

Professor Folgum

English Comprehension

21 OCT 2015

The United States Marine Corps:
The Beginning.

Not only is this the beginning of a new branch of the military, but a key group of men
who are first to fight and last to leave in every battle. Though this was not the first branch
introduced into the military, however it quickly earned its persona as being the best branch. This
was an all voluntary branch of the military. The Marine Corps represents the best of all the
branches. Proving to be able to fight on any terrain whether it be in air, on land or at sea. These
men were trained to be the strongest of the strong, to become the elite of the military. They were
formed out of necessity to protect the ships at sea, and to be able to endure any obstacle and still
overwhelm their enemies. Having to overcome and adapt to any situation that presents itself, the
Marines must, at all costs, find a way to win every battle.
In 1775 the Second Continental Congress converged at a popular inn of the day, the Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, PA, and held its first recruitment drive during the American Revolution. A committee of the Congress drafted a resolution to fight for independence on sea and at shore, that the entire legislative body approved on 10 November 1775, officially forming The Continental Marines (Murphy 12). During the American Revolution, the Marines fought at sea against the British. The first amphibious expedition (adaptable to land or sea) by the Marines occurred in March 1776 when the Marines seized a British fort and captured supplies at the port of Nassau in the Bahamas (Monkeyshines on America). Minutes upon their arrival, British forces surrendered.
Born out of necessity, the Marine Corps combined with the power-projection capabilities
of the entire Naval force (Sea Power Magazine, Offutt). The Marines adapted to their terrain,
providing the...

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