The Book Theif

The Book Theif

Maus I and II Reader Responses

1. What animals were used for what people? Why did he choose the ones he did? What do they suggest about their respective nationalities?

A. Jewish- Mice
Polish- Pigs
Nazi’s- Cats
Americans- Dogs
French- Frogs

B. In my opinion Spiegelman uses the animals he did to combine the known characteristics of the animals with the common characteristics of the certain people in this graphic novel.

C. The symbolization shown through the characters suggest that the many attitudes from the animals are also in common with the attitudes and actions of the different cultures of people in this graphic novel.

2. Why did Anja commit suicide?

Anja is unable to separate her experiences form the holocaust and the death of her son so she commits suicide.

3. What was the author trying to tell us with all the flies he drew in Maus II? Identify five interesting and/ or thought-provoking details.

The author drew the flies in an effort to tell us about the stench in the air form all the Nazi victims at the camp. And also to share his depression with death he has been overwhelmed with lately.

4. Why did Maus II begin with the quotation about Mickey Mouse?
Maus II begins with the quotation about Mickey Mouse to show how Jewish people were compared so easily and commonly with mice.
5. List five thoughts about the author that come to your mind after looking at pages 41-47 of Maus II.

“Why is he now wearing a mask?”
“What is with all the flies?”
“Why is Arties so small now?”
“Little version of Artie smoking”
“Vladek is bald”

6. Look at Art’s picture on the back flap of Maus II. Identify five interesting and/ or thought provoking details.

Nazi look out tower outside of his window.
All the cigs in the ash tray.
Maus hanging up on the wall in the background.
The Expression on Arts face.
Art is still wearing a mouse mask.

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