The Challenge of Motivation

The Challenge of Motivation

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I believe that every person is motivated about something; the challenge is to find out how to create a work environment that enables people to express that motivation at work. So how do you motivate employees? The answer to this question seems like is would be simple but it is actually quite complex. In order for employees to become and remain self-motivated, they need to have a reason. In fact, the word motivation means having a motive or reason. In my research I have learned several guidelines about creating a work environment in which people will choose to contribute and succeed. The first guideline that I feel is critical to motivation is employee involvement. Most people want involvement in decisions that affect their work although some may not want the final accountability. I believe that the best involvement is the expectation that people are competent to make decisions about their work every single day on the job. As a manager, you should express the expectation that people make decisions that will improve their work and the people who actually make decisions about improvements in their work should be recognized for it. When an employee makes a thoughtful decision, you should never punish it. You can coach and provide training and information following the decisions but I feel that it is wrong to damage the employee's confidence and trust that you are truly supportive of their involvement. Trust is the second guideline that I find to be extremely important when trying to encourage self-motivation. Trust is the basis for much of the climate that you want to create in the work place. Trust is the necessary foundation for, feeling able to rely upon a person, cooperating with and experiencing teamwork with a group, taking thoughtful risks and experiencing believable communication.

The third guideline...

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