The Color Purple

The Color Purple

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The Color Purple
First Reaction:

My first initial thought after reading The Color Purple was that it should be an award-winning novel. The novel is about a lady, Celie, who is trying to survive and find herself in the world. There is no one that helps her, no one to talk to her, and no one to educate her on life. From beginning to end you can see Celie’s role as a wife and mother change from dependent and weak to independent and strong. It is even sadder when Celie’s husband, Albert, treats her like crap. He has absolutely no problem calling her a dog, beating her, and raping her whenever he feels like it. The whole novel is about a woman’s life and how she survived life in the early 19’s. It is also about learning to grow, not only as a general person but also as a woman because women were considered as nothing.
The Color Purple took place in Macon County, Georgia during the early 19’s. Most of the novel is about how a black women survived in her community. She encountered sexual, emotional, and verbal abuse from the time she was 14 years old. Letters are a major symbol in The Color Purple because it shows how impacting communication can be. Also God was a big thing that helped Celie survive when she was beaten and abused. God was always there for her and she believes that there was a reason why she went through everything.

Celie- Celie, an uneducated black women living in Georgia, writes letters to her sister about everything she has to deal with on a daily bases. Although Celie is uneducated, all the letters she writes still gives her hope and strength to still live on with her life. Celie has taught me that there are people in life that have it worst off than me. At times in my life I feel like I am over-whelmed with stress and obligations that makes me at times depressed and angry but not once did Celie complain about her life with Albert. Also, just like humans now a day, Celie matured into a woman with a lot of...

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