The Ek

The Ek

Vicky B. Manrique

Expectancy Violation Theory
This theory is when you expect something from someone but it turns out not the way you expected. This theory also explains or attempts how communication is used to reduce the uncertainty for people. For example: when a boy and a girl was chatting on the internet and they decided to meet. The boy expects the girl to be pretty, skinny and everything same with the girl. But when they finally met, it turns out failed. They didn’t met their expectations.

Spiral of Silence
This theory is about the mass media having a lasting effect in the public. The opinion of the majority is favored rather than the minority so the tendency is the minority tends not to share their opinions, thoughts and ideas and also to prevent isolation. For example: in a meeting of Samaskom organization. Most of the people who attended the meeting are 4th year students and they talked about the acquaintance party. The 1st year students did not agree with the proposal made by the 4th year students but since they are “minority”, they just agreed with the proposal to prevent isolation.

Social Penetration Theory
This theory develops interpersonal commucation between persons. For example: two persons have the same experience of being broken hearted. They exchange thoughts and through that, they can learn from one’s experience which draws them closer to each other. They are building intimate relationship with one another.

Symbolic Interaction Theory
This theory is about communicating to others through the use of symbols. They motivate other people to act through symbols. You get a set of persons who can symbolize the message you want them to receive. Symbols are used as language to be able to participate in the community.

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