The English Civil War

The English Civil War

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The English Civil War by

In this essay, I will write about the English civil war. A civil war is when two sides from the same country have a war. The English civil war was between the Royalists (Charles I) and the Parliamentarians (Parliament). Both of the sides had a nick name. The Royalists were nicknamed the Cavaliers and the Parliamentarians were nicknamed the Roundheads. The leader of the royalists was King Charles I of course and leader of the Parliamentarians was a man called Oliver Cromwell. The war officially started in 1642 and ended in 1646. It lasted for a massive four years!

One of the causes of the English civil was not actually an event, but was a popular belief held by most of the people at that time. This belief was that whoever the king or queen was, he or she was chosen by God. They thought that the powers the king or queen had, were given to them by God and it was theirs to use however they want. This meant that the king or queen could do anything that they like, whatever they wanted, had to be done. This belief was called The Divine Right Of Kings. All the monarchs before Charles had respected this right and had always discussed his or her decisions before proceeding, which is something Charles never did. He had broken the old tradition. He ruled without parliaments permission for 11 years! Yes, that’s right, there was no meeting where Charles and the parliament got together and discussed important decisions for eleven years. This was a long term cause and along the eleven years Charles ruled without parliament’s permission, lots of people went

against him and many of the MP’s also decided to be against him. Parliament also released a new document called the Grand Remonstrance, this was a list of all the things Charles had ever done wrong. He certainly did not agree. These were just some of the reasons that had affected the civil war.

Charles I also had lots of other problems to deal with. One of the main...

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