The Factors That Restrict the Improvement of the Ball Mill

The Factors That Restrict the Improvement of the Ball Mill

The Ball Mill’s working efficiency directly affects the concentrator economic benefits of the Beneficiationfactories. Therefore improve the efficiency of the mill is very important.

Generally speaking, the factors restricting the improvement of the ball mill efficiency as following:

1. The electric current

For ball mill, enlarging the current is to increase the rotate speed. If the ball mill has high rotate speed, its work efficiency will be high. However, there is one notice: the increased current should be within the scope of the rated power range. Otherwise, it will burn away ball mill.

2. Ball stone

Here it is very important to collocate the diameter of the ball. To make fully grinding the different size of ores, it demands different sizes ball stone. And then it can improve the ball mill working efficiency.

3. The formula of raw materials

Reasonable selection of formula can not only improve the intensity of ball, but also increase its weight. Consequently, the formula can increase its inertia, to improve the working efficiency of the ball mill. The ore hardness reflects the features in ore’s formation and ore’s physical& mechanical properties. It is hard to crush ores of compact structures, tiny crystals and high hardness. Thus, it need more time to crushing so as to reach the required ore fineness in grinding. But usually, it affects the mill’s capacity. It is easy to crush ores of low hardness and the processing capacity of ores per unit volume is also high. Since the hardness of ores is an unchangeable factor, we should adopt an positive attitude in the production, to high hardness ores. For example, we can find out the operation conditions, such as discharge concentration and the amount of returning sand by testing. Ores should be reduced to as small size as possible in crushing system. Besides, the best ratio of steel balls to ores should be found out if the size condition is steady.

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