the first african american nomiee

the first african american nomiee

Jeremiah cook
11-5 The expository essay
March 25, 2014
Not wearing uniforms at CCPA

I think students at CCPA should wear out of uniform because we are a small setting school. Also I don’t think uniform should count because I feel if we should come to school and learn. Majority of the time the teachers worry about our uniforms. I think if we come out of uniform, we should have a dress code on wearing to short stuff and boy’s drooping their pants. I can slightly understand why we have to wear uniforms because certain people don’t have clothes to keep wearing threw out the year.

I feel if we should give it a try because I get tired of looking for my uniform every other day. Also I feel if the teacher shouldn’t be as strict because it’s not that serious if we are a small setting school. I could see if we were a big high school and why we would have to wear uniform but we not. Also I at least think we should get to wear out of uniform second semester and wear uniform the first.

Also, I think wearing uniform is sometimes stupid because we have to go buy uniforms shirts at this school. What if we don’t have the money to? Why can’t we just come with what we have? Besides keep washing uniform pants or keep buying them. When we could just go buy a lot of outfits wear them to school and switch them up outside of school. Now that sounds reasonable to me.

I also think we should not wear uniform because not everybody has a washing machine to keep washing their shirts every day. I don’t think it’s far that people should constantly wash their shirts every day when they do not pay a water bill. Uniforms are a waste of money to the parents of CCPA students. I think some day they would just think about it that we should not wear uniforms. The teachers don’t have to wear uniforms so why should we. It is cold in the classrooms and we just have to be cold, while the teachers get to be warm.

I just feel if we should not have to wear uniform. It’s really not worth...

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