The First Day in Australia

The First Day in Australia

I would like to talk about my first day in Australia in this essay.
I arrived in Sydney on the 3rd of April 2013 and it was raining heavily. However, everything looked interesting to me.

I was planning to visit Commonwealth Bank at Martin Place as soon as I stepped out of the airplane. When I got there, I was surprised because the architectural style of the building was luxurious and antique, and it felt very Western. Then I met a teller who greeted me kindly. He made jokes to me. They were funny jokes, but at that time, I did not answer. I was regretful I could not say anything to him in English.

After that, I left for a backpacker hostel that is known as a popular place for foreigners. Unfortunately, there were a lot of people waiting to stay in there. Thus, I had to move another one. Finally I found a different backpacker hostel. As I opened the door of my room, its melancholic atmosphere overwhelmed me. Eventually, I decided to stay only 3 days because of the uncomfortable, unfamiliar air and because the accommodation fee was unfair.

In the first night, I was not able to sleep deeply. Lying in the bed, I really worried about my life in Australia. Being unsure about my future made me afraid.

Time has slipped along.
Compared with the past, many things have changed recently. Nowadays I am trying to improve my life in Australia constantly in order to step forward by studying English and making friends. If I have an opportunity, I would like to settle in Australia.

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