The future of wearable tech

The future of wearable tech


The future of wearable technology is vital and inescapable path in the near future of digital products. Through new fashion design combined with new technology and intelligent garments. New key industry will spur and set the trend for the near future. This will also set the stage for new medicine monitoring and sport fitness that users will be able to track them self through there smart-phone or computer. Along will this user with share each other statistical information social media and social interaction on the Internet. Brian David Johnson, an Intel futurist. "A table, our clothing, and even our bodies can become computers."


Business and consumer interest are the driving the growth factor of wearable technology more rapid, smaller, cheaper hardware twenty percent of American adults already own a wearable how wearable innovation can offer products a chance to build themselves, especially in the diversion, media and entertainment, wellbeing, retail and social consumer aspect. While new fitness band (smart watches) and different wearable’s are as of now more well known in the business sector, huge numbers of them have underperformed on peoples desires. Ponder that 33 percent of studied purchasers who acquired a wear-able novelty gadget shorter than a year later now say they generally won't utilize the gadget at all or they only use it occasionally. The fact are, 82 percent of respondents were concerned that wearable innovation would overrun on their privacy right with GPS and voice activation devices and 86 percent think more external communicating devices worry that wearable’s would make them more susceptible against security holes. Wearable devices are expected to be adopted at the rate of tablets in 2012 is quickly expected to rise, according to PwC’s Consumer Intelligence Series role.

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