The Game of Divide and Rule

The Game of Divide and Rule

Game of divide and rule

• We do need social reservations at the entry level so that they get equal opportunity to prove themselves. But our politicians are not letting these socially backward classes to get rid of the "backward" tag for the sake of vote bank politics.

• At present, only 0.7 per cent of the GDP is spent on higher education and 3.79 per cent on education overall.

• Why has the provision of seat reservation for SC/ST and Anglo-Indians not ceased even though the Article 334 says that it should lapse in 50 years after the commencement of the Constitution?

According to original Constitutional provision, all such reservations were to last for only ten years. But various governments have extended these reservations many times and they will continue to do so even in the future. It is part of vote-bank politics.

• For a start it need to be understood that reservation is a tool by which the century old prejudices relsulted into backwardness of certain section of society needs to be removed for establishment of a equitable society. "Caste is a double edged sword utilised first for identifying the backwardness and another for removeing its backwardness". No much importance should be attached to this. But the fact is that there is rampant discrimination based on caste.

10 years initial reservation is for for lagislature there is no limit prescribed for reservations in Govt. servces.

Other methods suggested for uplifting these back ward classess are not perfect, very slow and difficult to moniter.

If the percetage of people from all categories is so small than the number of backward classess are quite negligible. Hence Govt. is duty bound to evolve a method to bring these sections of society in to the national mainstream by introducing educational acess to super specility institutions.

The logic behind using reservation for maximisation of vote share depends on two further assumptions: (i)...

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