The Grapefruit Fad Diet

The Grapefruit Fad Diet

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The Grapefruit fad diet gained its popularity in the mid 70’s through the 80’s. This fad diet was first introduced in the 1930’s also known as the 18-day Hollywood diet. The grape fruit diet is known world wide.

The diet made a come back in the mid 2000’s due to a two year research program by a Scripps clinic nutritional researcher named Dr. Ken Fujioka out of California. Grapefruit has a compound that helps regulate the body’s insulin and lowers cholesterol by reacting with the liver.

The original Grape Fruit diet was based on a strict diet of consuming grape fruits with every meal or stringently eating grape fruits and drinking grapefruit juice only. The diet was believed to kick start your metabolism with its enzymes which was thought to react with the body’s liver to burn calories and break down fat cells. Since it was a citrus fruit diet many people believed this to be a healthy diet and safe taking into consideration grape fruits were high in vitamin C and a good source of fiber.

The diet lasted for duration of 12 days, more if one wanted. The diet could be accompanied with drinking 8 glasses of water and unlimited amounts of black coffee. The diet steers its participants away from complex carbohydrates and discourages snaking in between meals. You are allowed to eat nearly all vegetables with butter which is encouraged. The diet does not have a limit on butter intake as long as you use it with vegetables.

The diet was thought of as a myth when it was first introduced to the world by nutritionists; it was just another fad diet. The weight loss people were seeing was sustained by dangerously low calorie intake. In most cases it was an 800 calorie day diet.

When the grape fruit diet made a come back in the mid 2000’s, it was backed by scientific fact. Scripps clinic did a 12 week study which was led by Dr Fujioka who had participants of 100 men and woman. The research had it participants consume a half grapefruit or grapefruit...

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