The Great Debaters 3

The Great Debaters 3

In the film The Great Debaters, Denzel Washington, is a debate team coach to a group of disadvantaged African American Wiley College students. This film is based in the year of 1935. I think that professor Tolson is trying to strengthen his students to believe that they can do anything they set their minds to. I see that in this particular time most people (black and white) do not believe that black students can amount to anything.

I feel that in our history people have treated black people like are not smart enough or worth anything. Even to this day in our environment everyone has a way of putting down blacks whether it be white employers not hiring them or even blacks calling each other the "N" word. I do not think a lot of people realize how rude or even racist they are being when they say or do certain things. It seems that most folks have a way of going back in time to the way things used to be back in the 30's in the way they act or treat one and other. Yes the laws may have changed but the attitudes of people have not.

In my opinion, people of all sorts in this time period need to open their eyes. Because not everything is as simple black and white. A good quote from this film is "Some how black is always equated with failure".. In addition, this film made me realize that all it takes to change something is just one person believing you can. It may be a slow fight or an easy win but you have at least got to try and change it or else it may not ever happen. This film helped to let the black students of this debate team to have a chance to argue against a group of white students. They got a chance to fight, if you will, their opponents without having to be scared of being lynched, or being hanged.

In conclusion, this film helped to open the eyes of some people of this time period and colleges that were all white began to think about letting black students in to their schools. The debates in this film helped to open some...

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