The Great Debaters

The Great Debaters

Embarrassing Moments in My life

Have you ever been a new student at anew school? Well I was at Brookwood Junior high school. It was my first 8th grade year experience at a new school in a new district. You know! When you are just getting used to the school and something embarrassing happens to you? You just met some new friends and their getting used to you. Well this is my story of an embarrassing moment when I’ am just getting used to my school.

Now this was the second week of school and everything was going well. I was getting used to my teachers, friends and counselors. Now I felt confident in myself that I wasn’t going to embarrass myself this year. All of my ways were going to change. All A’s and B’s were going to be made this year. Also that I was going to stay out of trouble. So far everything was working out fine until that second week of school came.

My day was going perfect until gym came and it happened to be picture day for the 7th and 8th graders. So I took my picture then I went to the bleachers. So I just sat there listening to people sing .Then all of a sudden the teacher said you all can go play until the 7th graders finish their pictures .When she said that I ran all the way down the bleachers onto the court. Full of excitement I ran to get a basketball and then ran to shoot the ball. Then that’s when it happened I slipped on a green silk jacket and did a halfway split. That was so embarrassing.

As soon as I looked up and all I say was all eyes on me and I hear laughing and it was toward me. I was so embarrassed I think that was the most embarrassing moment in my life. I was actually the center of attention at that moment. No one even thought to even come and help me up. When I got up I was hurting bad hopefully I wont get embarrassed like that again in junior high school.

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