The Human Mind

The Human Mind


The meatball thinks that consciousness is a name for mechanical
processes going on in the brain, in the same way that dieticians
consider that metabolism is a name for processes going on in the body.

The dreamball thinks that consciousness is its own thing.

There are two kinds of dreamballs, Hybrids and Projectionists.

Hybrids believe in a hybrid theory that contains both the physical
universe AND this thing called a conscious unit. In this sense the
conscious unit is another part of the whole, a part working and
interacting in tandem with the remaining physical universe parts that
make up the body.

They envision consciousness as something that can be the effect of
physical forces and events, and also as something that can CAUSE
physical forces and events. They conceive that cause travels FROM the
physical universe TO the conscious unit, THROUGH the conscious unit, and
back into the physical universe again.

For example physical sensory data comes in from the physical senses
through the retina, and the optic nerve and are distributed on the
visual cortex of the brain.

Here the conscious unit overlays the visual cortex and the physical
energies in the visual cortex, which cause a color form display in the
conscious unit, much as a television signal finally gets display on a
color TV set.

Then the self, which is also part of the conscious unit is able to
see this data right off the conscious color form screen, and so make
decisions based on its desire and knowledge and issue a command back out
towards the physical universe to create a physical action.

The intentional volition of the self, originating in the mechanics
of the conscious unit itself and NOT in any 'underlying' physical
processes in the brain, travels out of the conscious unit back into the
neuromuscular command pathways of the brain via a second interface, and...

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