The Impact of Media on Communication in the 21st Century

The Impact of Media on Communication in the 21st Century

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The Impact of Media on Communication in The 21st Century

The article is about consumer-generated media (CGM) which is the latest trend of communication which fascinates most of the Internet users nowadays. Herbert, E.K. (1965) stated that media is among the wonders of the twentieth century as it expose coordinated messages repeatedly to millions of audiences. The article proves that how consumers are keener to use the media by stating even companies nowadays use CGM to promote their products and messages as they are confident that they will be heard by a lot of consumers. Social networking sites such as blogs play an important role in CGM in order to transfer messages. As a consumer, there are positive and negative impacts of media.

Social networking sites are the most significant features in CGM. Examples of social networking sites are Facebook, Friendster, Myspace and a lot more. The impact of such sites is that the world is at the fingertips as people around the world are accessible to just one site where they can meet and communicate with each other. Moreover, consumers can also share their thoughts and ideas using these sites. For examples, shoppers often use other consumers’ opinion when making buying decisions, people with health problems will surfs to online forums to learn more about their conditions and consumers who are passionate about their cars or sports will use online board to connect and discuss. Mass media is indeed a persuasive power because of its ability to influence people (Walsh, D.A., 2001).
Another impact of CGM on communication is through advertising. The consumers are able to get clearer messages from the companies or government. With the help of online blogs and forum from social networking sites, consumers can give unfiltered feedback about the products so that the particular companies can alter their wages.”The technology of electronic media and the art of advertising have combined over the past 60 years to create a very...

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