The Importance of Media Being Around

The Importance of Media Being Around

Are you ok with Media in the Courtroom? Not many people understand why it is so important for the media to be around. The media is where everyone gets their information from good to bad. Without the media no one would know anything and people would be forced to go out and find out what is really going on. The media helps provide information about our latest crimes, who is doing it and what the story is behind it.

Even though they cause much havoc in the courtroom, it should be allowed because we get correct information and the information will not be here say or wrong. There are many ups and down to every situation no matter what it is. So in this essay it will be written of both the good and bad. Many people do not understand why it is so important to get the correct information and at the same time there are so many media people out there who want to get all the information first hand. Everyone wants to be the first and only one there.

The public thrives on what happens in the courtroom and we cannot help to believe that the information after a while becomes the telephone game as it goes down the line the information gets distorted and we lose what really happened. Some cases become really big ones and those are the ones that the public wants to know about. Once a case is in the news the public wants to know what the outcome is and no matter how long that trail is, it is still followed step by step until the verdict is in. Whether it is good or bad news we still want to know what is happening and this is where the people’s judgment comes in.

Without the media in the courtroom the information given to the public could be here say or wrong. The public truly likes to know what is going on in the trails first hand and they can watch it for themselves on TV. Since you make your own judgment of what is going on then there becomes both sides of the trail. You cannot always take for granted what is being said I the news and I am sure that the media will...

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