The Importance of Planning and Revision

The Importance of Planning and Revision

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The article by Philip Vassallo stresses the importance of planning and revision when you are writing a document. Though he is writing for a business audience, his points are relevant for all writers. A helpful chart outlining revision steps and strategies is also included. Search for the following article in the "Academic Search Premier" database in the Kaplan Library. Once in "Academic Search Premier," a search for "Protect your R.E.P." will retrieve the article. Once you have completed the Vasallo reading, post your responses to the Discussion threads below.

Respond to two of the following:
Question 1: What is the point that Vasallo is trying to make about the tasks of revising vs. editing? What does his article suggest may be a solution for this? Be sure to refer specifically to Vasallo's article in your answer.

Question 2: What are some of the proofreading issues that Vasallo mentions that you know you will want to focus on when you polish your draft for final submission as your Final Draft?

Question 3: Vasallo asks, "Why, for instance, would we sharpen the quality of a sentence (an editing chore) only later to discard altogether the idea expressed in it (a revising chore)?" Have you found yourself completing writing tasks in the wrong order before? Have you spent hours revising punctuation on a section you later deleted because it was off-topic?

Question 4: Vasallo recommends "[trying] to leave an appreciable length of time between the planning and drafting steps and the quality-control step. Returning to the document after a hiatus erodes the writer's emotional connection to the message and brings a critical pair of eyes to the content." Think of your own experiences. Do you agree that you look at your writing more critically when you have taken a break from it? How much time needs to elapse?

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