The Innovation of Slag Dryer Keeps Steps with Times

The Innovation of Slag Dryer Keeps Steps with Times

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Slag dryer, also called steel slag dryer or granulating slag dryer, in the design in order to achieve the best drying effect, use downstream dry mode, and the material and heat flow is composed of the same side into the drying equipment, slag dryer machine outlet temperature is low, high thermal efficiency. A new generation of slag dryer use new feed and discharge device, to eliminate the slag drying equipment feed jams, discontinuous, uneven return product wait for a phenomenon, to reduce the dust removal equipment load. Slag drying machine in the internal structure to realize innovation, strengthen the already scattered material cleaning and heat conduction effect, thoroughly solved the cylinder body wall caking phenomenon.

Full set of slag drying equipment design is reasonable, the production is excellent, stable performance, the craft is advanced, high output, low energy consumption, cover an area of an area small, the advantages of high mechanization degree. Slag rotary dryer throughput is bigger, resistance to overload ability, fuel consumption, can directly reduce the cost of drying.

This drying equipment makes great changes in the lift flitch devices, adopting new type multi-combination type which solves the wind tunnel phenomenon of the traditional dryer and is of high heat efficiency. The coal consumption decreased by 20%. Mineral slag dryer is widely applied in building material, metallurgy, and beneficiation, chemical engineering, and cement industries. Slag dryer has been verified by the commercial plant lifting flights with optimal design make the head and mass transfer more complete,increase evaporation rate and productivity, the cylinder is flanged connection,with good alignment,convenient for transportation and installation.The drying machine can be used for drying of mineral slag, limestone, clay, river sand, quartz sand, carbide slag, and grain slag. The mineral slag dryer is applicable for many combustion furnace, such as high...

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