The Journey

The Journey

Rain pounded against the window as my head gently rested against the clear glass. Shadowed images flashed past my startling blue eyes while our gold Toyota Camry traveled further south on the long-stretched interstate. On this particular afternoon, my family and I were going to a wonderful theme park in Utah called Lagoon. Excitement rumbled through my entire being. This years spring-break vacation was going to be a most memorable experience.

In the still dimness, trees and cars flickered passed my nine year old eyes one by one. My siblings and I had grown weary of the customary travel games that are played during a road trips. Accordingly, I could not handle the pressure of remaining bored stiff and my eyelids wanted desperately to close. After being in a car for a couple of hours, one is bound to fall asleep. Suddenly, thud! At last, my head dropped back against the cushion behind my blonde head and all thought was lost as I fell fast asleep.

Dancing photographs began flashing through my mind. The rides at Lagoon were spectacular with the many thrilling roller coasters. The Colossus will electrify its riders as the train circles around the track. "While racing upside down, through 65 foot diameter loops, 75% of the body's weight is pressed into the seat" (Park.) Suddenly, the car broke loose from the rails and I was flying towards the ground. I tried to scream, but no sound could escape my soft pink lips. WHAM! As I opened my blurry eyes, a bright multi-colored sign passed over the good of the automobile--Lagoon. Our car had finally managed to reach our destination.

My mother grabbed my hand as my family pushed our way to the gate. There were hundreds of people all over the place, some in line getting their $26 tickets, while other gradually made their way to the entrance. Enthusiasm filled my soul as we strode through the opening and my young eyes took in all there was to see. Exhilarating rides were located off to my...

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