The kite runner by Mr. Khaled Hosseini

The kite runner by Mr. Khaled Hosseini

The kite runner by Mr. Khaled Hosseini is a beautifully crafted novel. It is an extremely gripping novel with everything beautifully put together in the story. It has everything that a reader wants in a story; love, passion, secrets, cruelty, friendship, a unique father/son relationship, lies, and betrayal

The story revolved around a young Afghan boy Aamir at the last days of monarchy, and just before the invasion by the Russian forces. Aamir had a close friendship with Hassan, the son of his father’s servant. They both fed from the same breast, as the mothers of both the boys had passed away in their infancy. They both played together, Aamir used to read Hassan storybooks, as Hassan was illiterate.

The only good friend that Aamir has is Hassan, but despite that, Aamir had a lot of insecurities with him. Insecurities those are common in kids who are always seeking for their loved one’s attention and affection and are not always getting them. He is a boy grown without a mother, the son of a preoccupied father who is a great businessperson; arrogant yet brave, generous, and tolerant. Hassan was always protecting Aamir from fights and bullies. But the one time Aamir could also fulfill his duty towards his loyal friend, he was forced to make a choice; the love and pride of his father for which he had desperately worked by winning a kite tournament or the friend who was being bullied who was always loyal. He chose the love. His choice led Hassan to be brutally raped by three upper class teenagers. Aamir’s failure to protect and defend his friend who always stood up for him haunts him for the rest of his life.

When civil war broke out in Afghanistan Aamir and his father fled to California but not before facing difficulties in migrating from Kabul to Peshawar and having to stay there for weeks in one room. When they reached America, life was not easy to start but baba, Aamir’s father was a strong person who worked at the gas station to earn living and Aamirs...

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