The Logging in Australia

The Logging in Australia

Major Resources


Ben Jones

Task 1:
1. Location:
* The majority of logging in Australia comes from Tasmania where there is more forests cleared than the rest of Australia put together.
Physical factors affecting the location of forests in Tasmania, Australia include the geography of the state such as the mountains which cover most of the central western part of the island and also Tasmania has a great amount of rivers that flow throughout the mountains and the rest of the island, this creates a perfect environment for forests to flourish. Tasmania’s climate is much different to the rest of Australia as its much cooler and wetter which means forests and other fauna is able to grow very well, especially the Tarkine rainforest which covers approximately 3,800 square kilometres. Tasmania's soils are surprisingly not more fertile than those of mainland Australia,
Cultural factors affecting the location of this resource in Tasmania include the city of Hobart, other cities and towns and the rest of human settlements that involve forest clearing to be built. Dairy cattle, beef cattle and other types of agriculture also affect the location of this resource, as a lot of forests need to be cleared in order to make space for it. Also the economic demand for timber resources has an effect on this resource as more and more land is cleared.

* Brazil once had the highest deforestation rate in the world and as of 2005 still has the largest area of forest removed annually, mainly from the Amazon.
The physical factors affecting the location of this resource is the Amazon river which you could say is the heart of the forest and transports nutrients through the Amazon, it keeps the forest fresh as it is a fast flowing river so it keeps things moving all the time. The climate of Brazil also affects the location of the Amazon rainforest as the humidity and rainfall create this tropical environment.
Cultural factors affecting the location is mostly...

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