The Modern Function of Hydraulic Briquetting Machine

The Modern Function of Hydraulic Briquetting Machine

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Hydraulic briquetting machine is the equipment specially designed for pressing iron powder into block. By replacing the mold, the machine can also be used for the pressing molding in metallurgy, refractory, machinery and chemicals. The hydraulic briquette press adopts hydraulic transmission and pressing; products with different specifications and models can be produced by the replacement of mold. The four column hydraulic press machine is the ideal equipment for pressing molding with the features of reasonable structure, easy operation and high automation.

Hydraulic briquetting machine series have features of high pressure, briquetting without binder, compact structure, easy to operate & maintain, most favourable price. It is widely used for making lime, fire clay, ferrosilicon powder, nickel alloy, blast furnace dust, manganese powder, magnesium powder, MgO, Sintered ore, other mineral powder etc. which contain less moisture & hard to briquette. The briquette maker for sale is including transmission part, rollers, bearing, shaft, hydraulic system, pre-pressing equipment (screw feeding part) etc.

Hydraulic Briquetting Machine

The briquettes making machine adopts hydraulic transmission, highly specialized integrated valve block, large flow path, which can make the less loss of system pressure and good sealing performance. The design of unloading device eliminates the hydraulic impact completely. The use of valve block, electro-hydraulic valve and unique design of oil way make the hydraulic system be perfect, even in the case of longtime running with heavy load, the system won't appear insufficient performance. Imported PLC automatic control system is adopted with features of strong anti-interference ability and low failure rate. Advanced rapid device ensures your shift output. The machine body is featured by high strength and good stability by using vertical integral steel structure, no need to install the foundation bolts.

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