Share Drive Part of Gypsum Briquetting Machine with You

Share Drive Part of Gypsum Briquetting Machine with You

Gypsum wet process is currently the most widely used, the most mature technology of coal-fired power plant flue gas desulfurization technology, accounts for about 70% of the installed capacity of FGD unit. The method is based on limestone desulfurization agent, through to the spray absorption tower into the absorber slurry, mixed with a good contact with flue gas, and the flue gas washing, make SO2 in flue gas and slurry of CaCO3 and strong oxidation air blowing, every tons of SO2 can produce by-product desulphurization gypsum 2.7 tons, a 300000 KW of coal-fired power plants, if the coal 1 ~ 2%, sulfur will discharge desulfurization gypsum 3 ~ 60000 tons a year. But have you ever heard of desulphurization gypsum pressure ball press machine up to now?

Desulfurization Gypsum Briquette Machine

Transmission parts of desulphurization gypsum pressure ball press machine, main drive system is: the motor - triangle strip - reducer - open gear - roll.Host powered by electromagnetic speed regulating motor, the pulley, cylindrical gear reducer, through the rod to drive shaft pin coupling. Driving shaft and driven shaft through the open gear ensure synchronous operation. Behind passive bearing seat is equipped with hydraulic equipment. Hydraulic pressure protection device of desulphurization gypsum pressure ball press machine is composed of hydraulic pump high pressure oil into the hydraulic cylinder, the piston to produce axial displacement. Before pick up the top of the head of the piston rod on the bearing pressure to meet the production requirements.

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