Are You Interested in Sludge Drying Machine Now?

Are You Interested in Sludge Drying Machine Now?

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Sludge rotary drum dryer is widely used for drying active sludge, water sludge, petrifaction sludge, papermaking sludge, printingand dyeing sludge, tanning sludge, plating sludge, municipal administration sludge and so on. Sludge dryer machine is widely used for drying active sludge, sewage sludge, petrochemical sludge, paper mill sludge, dyeing sludge, sludge from tannery, electroplating sludge, civil sludge, biological fermentation bacteria slag as well as various grain slag and other high-humidity materials.

Sludge Drying Machine's Advantages are as follows:

Sludge rotary drying equipment cylinder made by high quality stainless steel, cylinder smooth and beautiful, durable andwearable. Transmission by belt conveyor, stable working, low noise, safety and reasonable. High efficiency circulation exhaust and inner cylinder rotation to make sure high speed drying; Big diameter port is feed opening, convenient for material inlet and outlet. Sludge rotary dryer adopt automatic control device, only through control panel adjust time, it can finish the whole drying process automatic, improve drying efficiency greatly. High quality heat excharger and control clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, improve drying efficiency futher. High efficiency radiator, match with reliable draft fan pipeline, making hot air contact with raw material, improve drying efficiency greatly and at the same time save energy.

In additon, the sludge drying machine is composed of the following parts: 1. Working cylinder; 2. Front roller ring; 3. Back ring roller; 4. Gear; 5. Block roller; 6. Drag roller; 7. Pinion; 8.Discharge part; 9. Lifting plate; 10. Reducer; 11. Motor; 12. Hot air pipeline; 13. Feeding chute; 14. Furnace body andother part. According to user other requirements design gas furnace, burning chamber or match elevator, belt conveyor,fixed quantity feeder, cyclone, draft fan and so on.

And we also have other mining machines, such as steel slag dryer, quartz...

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