Have You Got Drying Technology of Lignite Dryer?

Have You Got Drying Technology of Lignite Dryer?

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Fote Machinery is a professional manufacturer of lignite rotary dryer in China, which is applied with scientific and advanced technology to remove water, which has enhanced the economic value of lignite and promoted the conservation and development of brown coal resources. But Have You Got Drying Technology of Lignite rotary Dryer?

Mixed flow dry vibration of Lignite rotary Dryer is as follows: The technology can remove lignite moisture 10%, calorific value up to 3500 calories, a single equipment drying capacity is larger, can reach 3 million tons per year, but the dehydration rate low.Its principle is to break the raw coal to 35 to 50 mm, after dry hot air dryer. Lignite rotary Dryer for closed box, with four or five layer 'of' cant type vibrating screen.Hot blast stove of high temperature hot air after mixed with cold wind from around 230 ° c in the form of the warm wind from the bottom up through the oven.

Coal particles through the sieve surface from the top down, fine particles of mesh from the leakage, finished quickly dry, coarse particles are slowly moving down the screen surface, with coal in the hot air heat exchange, so as to get dry.The drying process of Lignite rotary Dryer in accordance with the requirements of dehydration rate 10 to 60 minutes.If necessary, after drying coal can also access to the coal separator for sorting, will waste rock and soil, discharge, to further improve the calorific value of coal.

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