Were You Interested in the History of Cone Crusher?

Were You Interested in the History of Cone Crusher?

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We have talked about much about the cone crusher, such as its applicaion, its working principle and its based structure and so on. However, have you noticed the the history of cone crusher? If you do not know it, today we will say something about it.

The history of cone crusher is as follows: Domestic cone crusher is a copy of the former Soviet union in 1954 from 2100 and 1650 spring type cone crusher, on the basis of design and production of phi 1200 spring cone crusher;1958 hydraulic cone crusher design cone crusher and spring cone crusher centrifugal vibrating cone crusher old spring cone crusher simmons spring cone crusher turntable cone crusher single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher at the bottom of the cylinder at the top of the cylinder shaft fixed axis type activities produced large phi 2200 spring cone crusher;

In the 1970 s and developed at the bottom of the single cylinder and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, hydraulic cylinder cone crusher has been developed center.After after years of research and practice repeatedly, have overcome the disadvantages of old series spring cone crusher spring pressure, the low parts strength and structure of some defects, already mass production of the new series spring cone crusher has a diameter of 600, 900, 1200, 1750, 1200 mm five specifications, 14 kinds of chamber type;At the bottom of the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has 900, 1200, 1650, 1200 mm diameter four specifications, type 12 cavity;Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has 1200, 2200 mm diameter two specifications, the four kinds of chamber type.When domestic cone crusher has reached the degree of standardization, normalization and standardization, to say the product is complete, the use of reliable, approved by (association of southeast Asian nations) both at home and abroad.However, domestic cone crusher compared with foreign advanced cone crusher still has certain gap.In order to catch up with...

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