Choose Wisely of Cone Crusher for You

Choose Wisely of Cone Crusher for You

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The productivity of cone crusher is considered not only on a separate unit of its own, but the more essentially on a systematic level. This means that one choose the cone crusher for the industry should take all elements into consideration before bring in a new type.

Choose cone crusher lining board. Output, power consumption and abrasive resistance of it are three important components that the client should pay attention to. And the longer the lining board is, the higher the power consumption will be. That is to say, hard products had better use short lining board, while the soft one choose the longer one. Taking the distribution of the product in account that short lining board is for fine material and longer lining board for coarse one.

Another thing should pay enough attention is the size of the input material. In general, it should not be over one-tenth of the material that less than closed split discharging material. The cone crusher’s power consumption will be risen up together with blade shape of the material, all caused by the ratio being above ten percent. It’s really vital in the whole process.

The trough put of material would be badly affected if the water content in stickiness rises. For example, the water content should be kept under five percent. And the power of the normal cone crusher ought to achieve 75% to 80% while 80% to 85% for short head cone crusher.

It’s easy to see that the methods available for predicting the rock productivity recently are increasingly improving. The dry processing sections will probably use crushers to decrease material to even finer size grain order to feed the high requirements in an optimum way. So choose wisely of your cone crusher is definitely more and more important.
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