The Monkeys Paw - Essay

The Monkeys Paw - Essay

“The Monkey’s Paw”
Katie Harder

The author W.W. Jacobs, Uses setting, characters, and resolution, to set the tone of mystery, and horror. This story will make you believe in magic, and your worst nightmares.

Setting is one thing that helps set the tone in this story. It starts out like any good horror story does. It’s a cold night, and stormy. “Without, the night was cold and wet…” Put well by the author. Another great setting was the grave yard, a remote location were the son is buried. Also in their dark house in the middle of the night.

This illustrates a good group of characters. One of them is Sergeant-Major Morris. He is a dark mysterious friend from the past who brings them the paw. “But I warn you of the consequences.” Warns their old friend. Another shifty character is Mr. White’s son Herbert. He also warns his family of what might happen but is ignored. ”…as you pocket your ill-gotten gains.” He soon faces consequences along with the others.

Of course all stories have to have a resolution or ending. Or do they? This Stories resolution leaves you with a cliff hanger ending. Mr. White making the third wish for his son to be alive again starts the dramatic ending. His wife puts,”Go get it and wish.” being most eager to see her son. Of course another consequence from the wish. He comes and is knocking but Mr. White is afraid of him. Again Mrs. White making her point asks,”You’re afraid of your own son?” But Mr. White wishes the boy away, or does he? Leaving you at the cliff hanger.

As you can see the author truly uses setting, characters, and resolution to make this story mysterious and horror filled.

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