The Multicultural Societies Challenges and Achievements

The Multicultural Societies Challenges and Achievements

The multicultural societies challenges and achievements

Lately there has been a great focus on the multicultural society in Norway. Just five or six decades ago it was an almost unknown phenomenon, recognizable to Americans and very few others. This is perhaps the reason why the generation which still lives now, but has not grown up in a multicultural society finds this fascinating and frightening at the same time. Has multicultural influence been positive or negative for the world and for Norway? And what it really all this fuss about multiculturalism? In this text I will discuss some of the challenges and achievements faced by multicultural societies.

It is a well known fact that is has become popular make movies and write books about families or communities that faces the challenges of multicultural society. Not only dose the public love seeing such films, but they gain a lot of comprehension about the society and about other cultures. This can help them make the cultural differences smaller. We may understand that we are not that different after all. The eager for many to gain acquaintance about new cultures has increase the last couple of years. Americans has been criticized for starting a war and making opinions about the middle-east without having any background information about their culture. That may be why Muslim Americans like Khaled Hosseini has started to write books in English to let the English speaking world get more information about their culture. I think this is one of the main advantages about living in a multicultural society. By making the world «smaller» we increase the chances of success and reduce the prejudice about one another.

Immigrants in our community face similar challenges as any other Norwegian family. The film «East is East» demonstrates that, in addition to explaining that these problems are universal, not cultural. This is important to acknowledge because we can help each other to cope with local and global problems....

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