The Need for Money

The Need for Money

I watched a movie, Spanglish. I am going to compare it with Maria Full of Grace. Maria Full of Grace is just as good as Spanglish, the difference of the two movies is the difference of culture, both movies relate on making a sacrifice to get a better future, and also a better living standards. Maria Full of Grace shows what people are willing to do, in order to obtain money to feed their families. Maria is a Colombian girl who comes from a poor family and feels the necessity to help her family to get a better living standard. The only job available that can pay her a great sum of money is to transport illegal drugs in her body to the United States. She gets this job by a friend of hers who, has done this job before and has a lot of experience in this job.

The movie of Spanglish is also a movie that shows what, immigrants and others are willing to do to earn a bit of money, to support their families. This movie takes place in Los Angeles. It is about a house cleaner named, Flor who came from Mexico, a single mother who has to support her daughter, Cristina. Deborah hires Flor to be her housekeeper. Neither woman is perfect but both try to be perfect in their own way, they do not take each other criticism, And how Deborah’s husband John, takes interest in Flor the housekeeper.

The movie is also more than that. John wonders how an immigrant mother and her American daughter can maintain the same identities. It's about the invisible scars a mom can leave on a child. It's about class, race, success, parenting, ambition, pride, disappointment. This movie is about life. I say it’s about life because it deals with immigrants who have to go through some rough times to be able to support their families While Deborah is worrying about being a perfectionists herself, Flor, on the other hand, is more humble and noble.

Deborah is a slave to perfection in physical terms. She pushes her chubby young daughter, Bernie, to lose...

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