The New Land

The New Land

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In the sweltering heat of the summer sun, I trudged home unenthusiastically. As the bell rang on the last day of school, the others were excited to start their summer vacations that would be filled with excitement. For me, it was just going to be another summer, waiting nearly three months to see my friends again. I finally reached the blue door of my house, but found something unexpected.

My parents sat by the table in an impatient manor, waiting for me like police catching a robber. What could I have done? “Joe,” my dad said in a stern manner, “You are going to Australia.” As a myriad of thoughts flew through my mind like pigeons fluttering away from running children, the only words I could say were, “Are you serious?” Instead of the disheartening summer I expected, I was exuberant to find myself going to a foreign country with my grandpa and cousin!

The next few months were consumed with dreams of this “new” land, along with preparation, of course. Before I knew it, I was sitting on a 747, as it took flight. I never thought this would happen to me! What seemed like days of being on a plane finally ended as we took foot on new soil. It was amazing! We were in the heart of Sydney. With the long trip over, we were glad to take a rest. After all, we knew the next week would be bursting with excitement - traveling from coast to coast, with plenty to do.

I woke up before the alarm clock buzzed, and excitedly gazed out the window. It was bustling with things that were so amazing to me. I could see the harbor filled with little shops and aquariums, with busy people frantically running to catch the next ferry. We started our day by heading to breakfast. Across the street from our hotel was a 'McDonald’s!' Yes, even on the other side of the world! Well, it sure seemed the same, at first. The minutest of differences seemed to make eating there all the more enjoyable, such as the small packets of Vegemite next to the ketchup and mustard. We quickly...

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