The Number 1

The Number 1


Chapter 1, The witching hour

In the first chapter, " the witching hour " we are introduced to the first character, Sophie. Sophie can’t sleep as the moon shines on her pillow. When she walks to the window she notices something black, tall and thin.

Chapter 2, Who?

In the second chapter we get a brief description of the BFG. The black thin figure peer into the windows of houses and blows something with his trumpet into the upstairs rooms.

Chapter 3, The snatch

The third chapter, Sophie is snatched from her bed by the giant. He wraps her into her blanket and runs off with her.

Chapter 4, The Cave

In the fourth chapter we are introduced to the new setting, the giants cave, where most of the story takes place. The giant runs / flies across the country until he finally gets to his cave which is locked by a huge rock. In the cave the giant takes off his cloak.

Chapter 5, The BFG

During the fifth chapter the BFG and Sophie start to communicate and this is where we start getting the plot of the story. The giant tells Sophie about the other giants and what kind of humans they prefer. He tells her that all humans have a different taste. There a re many puns (play on words)

Chapter 6, The Giants

The sixth chapter, we get a brief description of the new characters, the other giants. The BFG tells Sophie about the other giants and why she must stay with him.

Chapter 7, The Marvellous Ears

Int the seventh chapter, The reader gets more information about Sophie. She tells the giant about her family, the orphanage. Sophie also gets to know what the BFG does with the trumpet and the suitcase.

Chapter 8, Snozzcumbers

In the eighth chapter we get to know more about the giant and his lifestyle. The BFG tells Sophie about many things she has never heard of. He also shows her a snozzcumber which is the only thing he gets to eat.

Chapter 9, The Bloodbottler

In the ninth chapter, the other giants start to enter the scene. One...

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