The Person You Most Admire Is... Controlled Assessment

The Person You Most Admire Is... Controlled Assessment

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The silence never seemed so deafening. Even though the church was overcrowded I had never felt so alone. I had just lost my best friend, my role model – my grandmother. She meant so much to me, more than you could ever imagine. The very presence of the simple wooden coffin being brought down the aisle altered the mood of the room. It was as if a sudden chill had settled.
Our relationship began as soon as I was born. In fact she was the first to hold me and at that very moment I knew that what was to come in the future would be great as long as she was there.

Granny Ena was your average woman you could say. But to me she was much more than that. As she lived in England I didn’t get to see her all the time but when I did I made sure I cherished those moments.

My grandmother always told me that by working hard at everything you do it would lead to success. When it came to work she would always give me the help I needed and have the patience to explain anything that I wouldn’t understand a million times. I believe this is vital if you are to become the person you want to be. Next to my mother and father, my Grandmother was the biggest influence in my life. "You never know what you have until it's gone" is one of the quotes I keep close to me. This quote helps me remember the most memorable times I experienced throughout my life with my grandmother. She took me strawberry picking and told me to have fun and not worry if I got dirty just this once because later we would be baking with all the types of berries that we had picked that morning. I remember waking up mid morning and going out into the garden to play or to water the plants, this definitely being one of my absolute favourite things I did with her. When we weren’t breaking the teabags to put on the soil or watering the plants we would set up a picnic and play some croquet. I never lost a game but now I am older I realise that she was happier losing as long as I had a smile on my face, such were the...

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