The Season You Like Most

The Season You Like Most

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Every season has something good and bad in it. But the rainy season, in my opinion, is the worst season. Of course, it is very s useful for farmers. The drought causes deaths because of hunger. We have to face a number of problem s if the monsoon fails. In spite of all that I do not like this season. There are some reasons for my I dislike.

During the rainy season when it rains heavily, life becomes dull. All our activites are stopped. We have to stay inside the house. We wait for the rain to stop. Waiting for a clear weather is very painful. How long shall we remain inside the house? We cannot go to our friends. We cannot go out toplay. Even though the rain stops, our playground is wet and there may be water-logging. I hate this season because it makes my life dull and inactive.

The rainy season creates many problems for me. When I want to go to college, it may starty raining. In that case, I have to carry either a rain-coat or an umbrella. It is an extra burden and I do not like to carry it. If it stops raining on the way, the rain-coat or the umbrella becomes still more burdensome. If I am caught in the rain all of a sudden, I either get drenched or have to take shelter somewhere.

During the rainy season, roads are full of mud. If I go out on my bicycle, I have to ride through water. If the road is slippery, I sometimes fall down. At times, I get cuts and injuries. I like to ride my bicycle freely. But when the road is muddy and slippery, riding the bicycle is not pleasant. It has no fun for me then. The bicycle becomes dirty. The water on the road is also very dirty because the ilth of the roadside drainws get mixed with rain water. I hate to move out during the rains.

The rainy season is troublesome for me in one more sens3e. My thatched house sometimes leaks when it rains heavily at night., I am fast asleep when drops of rain water falling through the roof make me awake. On suh...

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