The Power of One Book Review

The Power of One Book Review

How many English boys does it a take to change South African history?

The Power Of One
Stephen Dorf, John Gielgud, Morgan Freeman

Directed by John G. Avildsen
Warner Bros.

The South African Apartheid sets the time frame for the most powerful and inspirational film of the year, “The Power of One”. Shocking scenes and breathtaking pictures define this influential film, which has the capacity to change our lives, and our opinions of this topic dramatically. John G Avildsen’s creative and clever filmatic talents extend to an all-time high with the end result and extraordinary product of 1992, highlighting the injustices of the period, and the impacts one individual has on a whole society. Assisted by filmatic techniques, this film provides a complex and informative insight into a controversial period in South African history, leaving an everlasting impact.

The story begins in 1930 in South Africa during a time of Apartheid, where native South Africans were treated unfairly and differently to the ‘white’ South Africans, or the Afrikaners. The first scene fades in with a drawn map of South Africa and in the background is traditional African music of the native people singing in harmony. The camera zooms in closer to the area in which the story takes place, to give the audience a visual impression and allow them to prepare their thoughts before delving into the story any further. Narrative disruption is used in the form of written text to give the viewer a further understanding of the historical aspects that the film is based upon. “Our story begins 18 years earlier in 1930, on a small English farm in South Africa…” This quote which is played as a voice over in the opening scene sets the location and time frame in which the film is situated, allowing us to grasp the general concept of the plot before it even begins, which assists us in discovering how an individual can make a difference.

The central character, young Englishman PK, is sent to...

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