The Power of One

The Power of One

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The power of one is very important film that revels the power of evils over black
Africans that have the power of the mass and the power of an English speaking South African boy named Peekay. Peekay passion was to change the world. Peekay perceptions of humanity have been shaped by the society he grew up in.

This is a society were there is immense racism among the different racial communities because the recent war between the Boers and the English. There is the belief of white superiority that degrades the black Africans. Black Africans brought up Peekay and so this has contributed to the way he looks at humanity. Peekay was also abused by Boers when he was young, however later in life he befriended with other Boers and this also shaped the way he looks at humanity.

Probably the important issue that shapes Peekay is the desire for power that people have. Peekay although born from an English mother, suckled on the soft black breasts of an African woman. She was Peekay nanny and she tended him until the age of five.
Nanny was a person made of laughter, warmth and softness and together, the two had a tender relationship until they were separated when returned home from the boarding school. Peekay also meet a witch doctor, Inkosi-Inkosikazi, who cured his bed-wetting problem and taught him how to overcome his doubts and fears.
1. The power of evil:
A senior boy called Jaapie Botha and his so called (storm troopers) who punish Peekay for his bed wetting habit and his circumcised penis by means of constant verbal and physical abuse. Moreover, the treatment of his nation.

The power of healing:
When P.K was 5 years old he was sent to an Afrikaans boarding school where as the youngest of all the students and the only English speaker he is brutally tortured by the other boys .the judge (Jaapie Botha) used to spat on him, hit him, and because they were calling him Pisskop they used to piss on him and saying “lets piss on the pisskop”.
As P.K got a habit...

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