The One

The One

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After years of strife this two families turn to truce after two young ones die for the sake of each others lives. The title of this movie is called Romeo and Juliet. It was released 11 years ago in 1996. The man who directed this movie is Baz luhurman. The actors which the whole movie revolved around were Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. The movie had its good parts and its bad parts, like the opening fight scene we didn’t really know the reason they were fighting for so I got lost. The other fight was good because they were fighting for a reason because Tybalt insulted Mercutio.

The opening fight, the Montague’s sneak into the Capulet’s party. Romeo and Juliet fall in love. Mercutio dies. Tybalt gets killed. Romeo is departed, Juliet fakes to die. Romeo commits suicide, Juliet really dies by committing suicide as well. I thought the costumes of both families were different the Capulet’s dressed more greaser like were the Montague’s dressed casual. I thought they should have used swords instead of guns because it didn’t really match the movie because in your head you should play the movie as an olden time setting instead it was more modern like.

The portrayal on Romeo was he liked peace and didn’t enjoy getting involved in conflicts, which was what happened when tybalt insulted mercutio then tybalt started to beat Romeo. Romeo did not want to fight tybalt because in law tybalt was Romeo‘s new kinsmen so mercutio could not bear to watch anymore so he started to fight tybalt he got wounded during that fight so he died . Romeo was seeking revenge for his best friend and cousin so he went after tybalt and killed him so he was departed from Verona. Juliet’s portrayal was alright because she was gentle and patient as they say on the script.

The opening fight scene I didn’t really like because they were fighting for no reason and just for simple grudge that there generations had for many years. It wasn’t really a balcony scene it was kind of a courtyard/...

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