The Reasons of Rotary Kiln Set to Low Slope High Speed

The Reasons of Rotary Kiln Set to Low Slope High Speed

What's the reason for rotary kiln set to the low slope high speed, Henan Fote Machinery experts of rotary kiln analyze for you:

1. To improve material temperature and improve material calcined temperature. In the rotary kiln materials stay in the accumulation state, its outer material is heated directly, close to the fire side of the material by flame radiation and convection heat transfer, one side of the contact with the furnace lining is obtained heat by the conduction heat transfer of refractory brick, but in the accumulation state of internal material can get the heat rely on outside layer of material for conduction heat transfer. The improvement of rotary kiln speed can make the material turn number increase, heat has been increased, the material temperature increased, the calcination temperature increased.

2. Kiln speed increase, material turn more frequently, heated evenly, so the hot clinker evenly. Finally, because of the rising in the kiln speed, material turn more frequently, also make temperature difference decreases when the refractory brick exposed to flame radiation and material in landfill, to extend the service life of refractory brick. According to introduction, every turn wet water kiln, kiln lining general surface temperature of 400 ℃, and the lowest precalcining kiln of up to 200 ℃. As is known to all, rotating speed of the former is usually 1 r/min. while the latter are 3 r/min.

3. Low slope high speed for L/D small short kiln more advantageous. Though short kiln can reduce the load itself, power saving, less maintenance workload, but when disappointing in raw materials and fuel, raw material decomposition rate fluctuation, easily to run raw material, increase short-term clinker f - CaO, kiln system unstable. So for L/D = 10 short kiln, adopting 3.5% of slope and improve rotary kiln speed is better for both production operation and clinker quality than the 4.0% slope and lower rotate speed.

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