The Redemption

The Redemption


an obsession, or an abnormal preoccupation with a thought or object, or

perhaps a person, has always been, at least in my head, a rather comical

thing, conjuring up images of a man who is obsessed with using a pogo

stick to traverse the great wall of China or something of that sort.

However, as I wrote this paper and recalled the obsession that I had, I

realized that whill an obsession may be comical at times, it is oftentimes

hurtful, and if allowed to run amok, it can affect my life in very serious

and hurtful ways. In order to show the dark side of these obsessions, I will

give you my story of an obsession.

I stared, seething, my anger feeling like fire in my veins as I

watched the approaching form of yet another middle aged, overweight,

ruddy faced woman. In that moment, everything became clear, I

understood the reason that I felt this unwarranted anger towards any

woman I saw who reminded of HER. It all began when I was three years

old and was diagnosed with type one, or juvenile onset diabetes. After the

diagnoses, there were several weeks of training and counseling to help my

family understand the day-to-day management and treatment of

diabetes.During those several weeks, I stayed in a children’s hospital, and

it was there that I met her. She was short, probably four foot eleven or five

feet tall, and extremely obese. How she managed to stuff what seemed like

three hundred and fifty pounds on her small frame is still a wonder to me.

Besides her obesity, the first thing I noticed was that she had...

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